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How We Operate

A Trusted and Professional Bookkeeping Service

At Bookkeeping by Shelby we are committed to providing our clients excellent service and accurate financials.  When a company understand their financials, they have ability to increase revenues and scale their business.

Our Process


Discovery Call

We'll go over the current state of your books and business goals.  We'll go over what solutions we can provide to help you reach your goals and address any concerns you may have.  Within a few days of our conversation we will send you a proposal with the services we discussed. 


Kick-Off Call

We will work together to grant  accountant access to your bookkeeping software (if applicable) and read-only access to your payment processor and bank accounts. 


Let's Get Started

You can spend more time and energy on what brings you joy within your business knowing that you have accurate, up-to-date books monthly.

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